The Altitude Workshop

Surviving and thriving at Altitude



If you are heading to mountain environments, whether you are an EXPERIENCED CLIMBER or FIRST TIME TREKKER, it is IMPERATIVE that you TAKE OWNERSHIP of your well being… It makes you a better, safer trekker, climber, client, companion and team mate.

  • Eight out of ten trekkers who die of altitude sickness are part of organised trekking parties, even though only 40% of trekkers trek with organised groups. International Journal of Sports Medicine*

What You Will Learn from the amazing lectures on altitude and altitude and expedition medicine

  • How to prepare physically for altitude environments so that you bulletproof your body for the rigours ahead, learn the difference between gym fit and mountain fit, what kind of training works and what doesn’t

  • What is the latest in altitude protocols, what to take and when to take it. What to look out for in yourself and what to look out for in others

  • What are the real reasons behind most people getting sick or being evacuated from wilderness environments and how to

    stop it

  • How altitude effects your mental health and decision making processes and simple exercises to help you cope with stressful and risky situations


About the lecturers

About the lecturers

Joe Bonington - Strength & Conditioning Coach, Adventurer, Trek Leader with over 20 years experience. The only one of the team who is not a doctor. Joe is one of only a handful of people in the world who specialise solely on Physical preparation for mountain and adventure activities, has looked after the Strength and Conditioning and endurance needs of possibly more Everest summiteers, mountaineers and trekkers than anyone else in the Southern Hemisphere

Dr Gareth Andrews - Adventurer, Polar Specialist, Expedition Doctor, Anaesthetist, Gareth is a professional adventurer having completed world firsts and is currently training for a record breaking attempt across the Antarctic

Dr Bill Crozier - Expedition Doctor, Anaesthetist. Bill has been fascinated by mountaineering, Nepal and altitude for most of his life. He has trekked extensively throughout Nepal and Tibet, climbed to Camp 1 on the North side of Everest and has accompanied Joe as expedition Doctor on several trips

Dr Kate Baecher - Mountaineer, Climber, Psychologist, Wilderness and expedition Psychology specialist. Kate is an ex-army captain, a TV psychologist, having worked with Shark tank and I’m a celebrity get me out of here. But her real expertize is people going into high stress and expedition environments. She herself has summited Mont Blanc, The Matterhorn and the eiger and has recently returned from an expedition into the Karakorum in Pakistan

The Altitude workshop is only $99 ($25 for a limited time) and if you are heading to the mountains or taking others, it may be the best money you’ve spent


We all live and work in these environments and have thought very carefully about the content I offer a full 30 day guarantee money back guarantee. If you don’t think the information we’ve given you is thorough enough, or just don’t like what we have to say. Please reach out to me, give me some feedback. There will be no pissing about, will return all your money to you.



REFERENCE *Int J Sports Med 1992 Oct;13 Suppl 1:S74-6. doi: 10.1055/s-2007-1024601.