A well researched, simple but potentially life saving aid to High Altitude climbing and trekking

Bear Grylls

"Each and every time I go to altitude it is good to be reminded about altitude sickness. Joe has proved a wonderful solution with this book."

Greg Mortimer

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“Essential reading for anyone planning a high altitude trip.”

Jen Peedom

(Award winning Film Maker

“Sherpa” “Mountain”)


"Everyone going to high altitude needs to read this. By far the best, clear and simplest explanation of high altitude physiology that I’ve seen. How it can occur and how to best to avoid the serious consequences of acute mountain sickness is all there beautifully expressed in a nutshell."

Tim McCartney-Snape

(OAM - Mountaineer / Adventurer 1st Australians to Summit Everest)


“This booklet is invaluable to trekkers or climbers that endeavor to take part in any high altitude activity safely and successfully.”

Ally Pepper

(Climbing Guide, Everest



“This is the most valuable document for anyone looking or knowing somebody heading to great heights.”

Anthony Gordon

(Founder Mt Everest Sherpa Rescue

Team / Film Maker)


“An informative, concise and easy-to-understand guide on the effects of altitude when climbing and trekking. I recommend reading it prior and also throwing it into the top of your rucksack for your next trip.”

Stephen Bock

(Mountaineer, Everest Summiteer)


Buy with confidence! If you don’t understand any of the concepts that will help you or a friend at altitude, I will personally go through the concepts found in this book and how to apply them to your trip. Simply contact me, mention this guarantee and I’ll take it from there. This booklet is too important for you to not to understand!

What you will learn:

  • What are altitude related illnesses

  • What are the causes

  • What are the symptoms

  • How Different People Respond

  • Who is most at risk

  • Tips from two experienced expedition doctors

  • How to prepare physically for altitude

Attention: Everyday trekkers and mountaineers who want to enjoy their time at altitude

This book is integral to understanding the environment and the human body at altitude. It's accessible to everyone, and invaluable for those who are either planning (or hoping) to climb or trek at altitude. I follow it religiously and highly recommend it.

Dr Kate Baecher, Clinical and Performance Psychologist, Mountaineer, Climber and Adventurer.

This is a great resource for anyone looking to go trekking and climbing at altitude. It gives a great knowledge base for understanding how altitude impacts the body, what you need to know to be smart and safe in these environments, and how to prepare properly to set yourself up for success.

Alyssa Azar Mountaineer, Adventurer (Youngest Australian to Climb Everest)

We’ve cut away the fluff and put in ONE PLACE the most IMPORTANT information you need to know

Learn, what the signs that everybody going to altitude should know

That could potentially stop the trip of a lifetime turning into a dangerous nightmare!

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A note from Joe

My name is Joe Bonington,

I’ve been leading adventures into Mountain areas and training

people for altitude and mountain adventures for over 20 years.

It may seem counter-intuitive, but both the science, data and

experience have proven it time and time again:

You will benefit if you take ownership of your own knowledge around your well being at altitude.

It's your simple fast track route to a safer, more enjoyable trip.

No matter, who you are traveling with , and how many times your guide has summited Everest, or if you have a doctor on your trip, if you have no knowledge at all … you have basically given up accountability of your own health

… and that is irresponsible, to yourself, your team mates and your loved ones.

And this is where this handbook comes in…

It draws on the experience of some of the world's leading professionals, the latest scientific research, altitude medicine experts and articles from the best books and journals on the subject…

It's designed to SAVE YOU WORRY AND HEART ACHE and EQUIP YOU WITH KNOWLEDGE for your journey to the high places....


By following these 4 simple steps...

STEP 1: Understand what altitude illnesses are?

We don’t want to you be doctors (far from it this does NOT replace help and advice from a doctor or medical professional) BUT we want you to know it layman's terms what the conditions are and why we get them.

This information alone is invaluable

STEP 2: Assess your risks of acquiring altitude illnesses?

Find out if you could be at risk altitude illnesses? And what to do if you are a fast or slow acclimatizer

STEP 3: If you cannot reach medical help what should you do?

Know the symptoms and what to look for, and what you should do

STEP 4: Preparing for altitude?

By following certain steps NOW you could reduce your risk of acquiring altitude illness

But it all depends on how you train. You MUST do the right kind of training for the job at hand or you could make things worse.

Certain foods will help at altitude and some will hinder … DISCOVER what they are.

Supplements… what's real and what's snake oil?

I share all this with you in THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO ALTITUDE ILLNESSES… for just $7


This is the exact same information I have used to help clients who come for me for training and also on every trek I've led.

Ive also taught and presented along side my medical colleagues this information to professionals in the industry and university students studying adventure tourism.

This is going to give you invaluable information so that you can focus on enjoying your adventure holiday, feeling confident that you have knowledge that can help to make you and those around you safer!

Do NOT Attempt To Go To Altitude Until You Have Read This Guide

Someone once said…

“You’re free to do whatever you want, but you should always take responsibility for the consequences of your choices in life.”

The problem is that when you sign up for a trip, you often give up responsibility for your own safety and this is a mistake.

Yes you may be a novice but what happens if something happens to your expert?

Always seek knowledge so that even when following the instructions of others you are doing so from a place of confidence rather than ignorance.

At the moment… you may not even know, what you don’t know

And that is NOT a place of strength and confidence.

I know this information could help you

That’s why I’ve been so careful to document WHAT WORKS in a simple, easy-to-follow handbook so that everyone who purchases it is forewarned and forearmed and can have more confidence heading into the hills…

In the past, this Complete Guide To Altitude Illnesses was only available for FREE for Basecamp Online Training Clients and my Trekking Clients only, but now to the public FOR A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME.

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Download this book it could save your life!

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It could make sure your dream adventure holiday is all you hope it to be!

And possibly save thousands of dollars in possible evacuation and repatriation costs!

The choice is yours

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From People who Know….

"Joe's ebook on Altitude sickness is an informative, concise, and useful guide for any trekker going to serious Altitude.”

Ade Summers, Trekking guide

"Joe has written a very informative and well-explained guide to altitude sickness and how to avoid it. Essential reading for trekkers and climbers heading off to the mountains, it might just save a life.”

Heather McNeice, Trekking Enthusiast

"This is essential information! If people going to altitude only employed half of what Joe advises they would have much safer and more enjoyable altitude experience!”

Ian Wall , Off the wall Trekking, Training Advisor to the Nepal Mountaineering Association, Kathmandu Environmental Education Project

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Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I hope you enjoy The Complete Guide to Altitude Illnesses


Joe Bonington

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Apply Coupon "SGB103H" during checkout to get 100% Discount on the eBook.